How Hairdressers Can Use Timely to Book Clients Automatically

In this blog post you’ll learn how we have set up dozens of businesses in the past couple of years which has ultimately led them to have a successful crack at starting their own thing with less risk. 


Timely, a cutting-edge booking software, offers a solution that allows hairdressers to automate their appointment bookings and effortlessly manage their schedules.

By embedding Timely’s booking system onto their website, hairdressers can offer their clients the ability to book and organise appointments with just a few clicks, without any effort from the hairdresser.

This innovative tool takes the hassle out of appointment scheduling and puts the power in the hands of the clients.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

The success of Timely’s automated booking system relies on driving local traffic to the hair salon’s website. There are several effective strategies to achieve this goal. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be utilised to showcase the salon’s work, promote special offers, and engage with potential clients. Additionally, optimising the salon’s website for search engines (SEO) and utilising Google Business listings can significantly increase online visibility and attract more local customers. Finally, targeted advertisements can be employed to reach a wider audience and generate interest in the salon’s services.

Timely Features and Benefits

Timely offers a range of features designed to help hairdressers run their salons efficiently and provide a superior client experience.

Award-Winning Support

One standout feature of Timely is its award-winning support team. Recognised with an internationally coveted Stevie Award, the Timely support team is known for providing exceptional customer service. Whether hairdressers have technical questions or need assistance with using the software, the support team is always ready to help.

Multiple Communication Channels

Timely understands that hairdressers have busy schedules, and that’s why they offer multiple communication channels for customer support. Whether it’s through email or phone support, hairdressers can reach out to Timely’s support team during their busiest times. For premium users, Timely also offers Premium Phone Support or the Innovate package, ensuring that hairdressers receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently.

Going Above and Beyond

At Timely, they believe that there are no ‘silly’ questions. Hairdressers can rely on their friendly support team to provide guidance and assistance without judgment. Timely’s commitment to going above and beyond for their users sets them apart from other booking software providers.


Benefits of Timely’s Online Booking System

Timely’s online booking system offers numerous advantages that hairdressers will love.

Take Bookings 24/7

With Timely, hairdressers no longer have to worry about missing out on potential clients due to limited operating hours. The online booking system allows clients to make appointments at any time, day or night, ensuring that every opportunity is captured.

Minimise Calendar Gaps

Efficient scheduling is crucial for hairdressers to maximise their time and revenue. Timely’s smart scheduling algorithm helps minimise calendar gaps and optimise booking slots, ensuring that hairdressers have a steady flow of appointments throughout the day.

Beautiful and Customisable

Timely’s booking system can be seamlessly integrated into any hair salon’s website, and it can be customised to match the salon’s branding. This ensures a visually cohesive experience for clients and reinforces the salon’s unique identity.

Smart Features

Timely’s online booking system is equipped with smart features that enhance the overall customer experience. Clients can easily make their own bookings directly from the salon’s website, Facebook, or Instagram, without requiring any intervention from the hairdresser. Grouping services together and adding instructions further streamlines the booking process, ensuring that clients book correctly. Hairdressers also have the option to manually accept, decline, or edit online bookings, giving them full control over their schedule. Additionally, Timely allows hairdressers to set up automatic client messages, saving valuable time and reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

In conclusion, Timely offers hairdressers a powerful tool to automate their booking processes and enhance their business operations. By implementing Timely’s online booking system, hairdressers can provide their clients with a seamless and convenient experience, while also improving their own efficiency. With features designed to streamline scheduling, exceptional customer support, and customisable options, Timely is the perfect solution for hair salon owners looking to take their business to the next level.

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