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Hair By Emilie Grace

Launched a custom website with booking portal and Timely integration.

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About Client

Hair by Emilie Grace is a business from Corrimal, NSW. In April 2023 this client started her business from scratch after leaving a bigger hair salon. 

The client engaged us to build her website. We deployed a marketing strategy that would grow her business over time. 

Before building the clients website we created a strategy for the website and also how it would get traffic after the job was completed. This helped us clearly define how the website would be used and how we could add customers which was the end goal. 

The marketing strategy that we chose was a Google Business local marketing campaign. We chose this strategy because it would help the business climb Google Maps. This helped local traffic find their website and book with them through the website.

The client now spends no admin on her business. She also has a steady flow of new clients entering her database.

This strategy included us embedding a Timely Booking portal into the website so customers would find it easy to make appointments, see prices and also reschedule appointments. 

The client now finds that her admin is virtually zero because of the Timely integration.

Use this link if you would like to learn more about Timely

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  • Google Analytics
  • Customer booking portal
  • Blog page
  • Fast loading
  • Design review
  • Google Maps & Reviews Integration
  • Friendly, relatable pages
  • Post-build training
  • Timely Integration
  • Database management
  • Marketing strategy

Expectations of the project and marketing strategy

Client goals for project

  • The customer wanted a clear way for customers to book online. 
  • An automatic marketing strategy that she didn’t have to work on. 
  • Save time on admin.
  • Grow business organically.

Results from project and marketing strategy

Client outcomes from project

  • Automatic client generating system
  • 80 new clients 
  • More than 12 calls a month and 50 local website visitors
  • Zero time spent on admin
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Calls made by customers on Google Business​ profile between July and November.

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Website clicks

Website clicks made by customers on Google Business between July and November

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